As the principal of Palm Beach Christian Academy and the direct supervisor over the elementary program, I always look forward to partnering with students and families in providing an excellent private school experience, filled with the enrichment that all children need. The article, Benefits of Private Schools, explains that “to teach their children the necessary skills for an ever-changing world, many parents are choosing private school education.” I am encouraged by the growth that is occurring in our private Christian elementary school program in West Palm Beach and I would like to let you know of some of the program additions that will be coming during the 2018/2019 school year.

We have an amazing network of highly qualified teachers who will be teaching at our private Christian elementary school for the upcoming 2018/2019 school year:

Mrs. Tyla Morris (Kindergarten teacher)-  Mrs. Morris has been teaching for 20 years and has taught kindergarten at a private elementary school in Palm Beach County for 10 of those years. She comes to us from Jupiter Christian School where she taught 1st grade. Mrs. Morris has had the honor of receiving the Teacher of the Year Award at two of her previous private Palm Beach County schools and will add a wealth of knowledge and experience to our elementary program in West Palm Beach.

The journey to follow His lead has been my greatest decision, and teaching young minds to do the same is a gift from God. It will be my goal to develop my kindergarten class’ love for learning and challenge them to do their best each day. I look forward to being a part of inspiring students to understand and love others as Christ would and am thrilled about joining the PBCA family!” 

Miss Heather Wroth (1st grade teacher)- Miss Wroth has completed her first year with us here at Palm Beach Christian Academy. During her time as a student at Palm Beach Atlantic University, she was awarded the Educational Excellence Award from the Elementary Department for her outstanding performance during her teaching internship. She has been a blessing to our private Christian school in West Palm Beach and we are very fortunate to have her on our team.

“Next year is going to be a year of learning and growing for my new class of students. I can’t wait to do hands-on science, provide flexible seating options and help students foster a genuine relationship with Christ.”

Mrs. Ashley Holford (2nd grade teacher)- Mrs. Holford has experience teaching 2nd grade in both private and public elementary schools in Palm Beach County and is entering her second year with us at Palm Beach Christian Academy. She loves working with the children on their academic needs but also enjoys helping them explore their creative side through their educational experiences. This past school year, her class wrote plays, created their own costumes, and made their own props for many of their activities.

“I am looking forward to partnering with you to create a loving and safe environment for your children, where they can learn more about who they are in Christ and get to express themselves in my classroom. Your children will be given different flexible seating options, and will be able to get up and move through reader’s theatre!”

Mrs. Samantha Crouch (Grades 3/4/5 Math)- Mrs. Crouch has taught in both public and private elementary schools in Palm Beach County and uses this knowledge to provide a meaningful mathematics program for her students. Mrs. Crouch loves helping children explore math in new ways and use math in their everyday lives. We are fortunate to have her at Palm Beach Christian Academy.

“Our next school year will be a year of working alongside our students and teachers to continue to cultivate our growth in academic excellence. I’m excited to partner with other elementary teachers to incorporate STEM into meaningful learning experiences.”

Mrs. Laura Schumm (Grades 3/4/5 Language Arts)- Mrs. Schumm has been teaching at Palm Beach Christian Academy for 9 years and brings her specialized training in writing to help her students become proficient communicators. Mrs. Schumm enjoys training the elementary team at our private Christian elementary program in West Palm Beach with writing instruction that creates consistency between the grade levels. She is creative and comes up with fun projects so that her students can express all that they have learned in the classroom.

“I love to partner with students to make new discoveries and help them grow in their relationships with each other and with God, and I look forward to this continued partnership next school year. I am also committed to providing fun and innovative instruction which will support a love for reading with all of my students.”

Mrs. Emily Hitchcock (Grades 3/4/5 History and Science)- Mrs. Hitchcock comes to us from Texas where she taught at a private Christian elementary school called Live Oak Classical School. She enjoys teaching through hands-on activities and is already planning fun and educational lessons for her students. She is looking forward to helping implement our new STEM program with the elementary students at our private elementary school in West Palm Beach.

“I am so excited to be joining the PBCA family. I am looking forward to working alongside you and your child as we dive into learning about this world He has created.”

Along with the other amazing programs we already have in place at our private Christian elementary school in West Palm Beach, we look forward to introducing these exciting initiatives:

  • STEM program for Pre-kindergarten through elementary with hands-on STEM activities, including 3-D building
  • Media Lab to support technology instruction and typing/office skills, video produced morning announcements created by students
  • Upper Elementary Science Lab for experiments and projects
  • Safety Patrol for 4th and 5th grade
  • Recycling program
  • Outreach and service opportunities throughout the school year
  • Monthly in-house and off-campus field trips in the areas of science, history/government, environment/nature, arts, sports, outreach/service, etc.
  • After-school clubs such as music, art, drama, and sports

If you are interested in finding out more information about our private elementary school in Palm Beach County, please visit us at or call 561-671-5795.