General FAQs

Once a child is registered, they are placed in our Bright Arrow email system that allows us to communicate important school-wide information, which includes but is not limited to: reminders of closings, Health Department updates, and emergency weather information. Parents will also receive newsletters from home room teachers with specific classroom information. Elementary teachers utilize the Remind app to communicate further with parents, as well.

As a courtesy to allow children to enter the program as space becomes available, PBCA offers a waiting list for each age group once enrollment is at capacity. Please note that seats are filled on a first come, first serve basis and the waiting list does not roll over each year. Due to the changing circumstances of each family, it is the responsibility of the parent(s)/guardian(s) to contact PBCA for updates and for new school year registration dates. We appreciate your support in enabling us to offer this opportunity.

Children ages Pre-K through School-age wear a uniform consisting of an embroidered polo and khaki or navy bottoms. Children in our Infant through three-year-old programs may dress in comfortable play clothes that are appropriate for the current weather conditions. Please refer to our handbook for specific guidelines and information on where uniforms may be purchased.

PBCA follows Palm Beach County School System’s inclement weather safety procedures. If radio and television broadcasts announce that Palm Beach County Schools are closing due to severe weather, then this announcement also applies to PBCA. PBCA reserves the right to make its own reopening scheduling decision within reasonable safety boundaries and with local authority approval. Such instances may include, but are not limited to: Palm Beach County Schools delay the reopening of their schools due to the aftermath of a hurricane or storm but PBCA is able to reopen sooner, and PBCA will send an automated call out with the date and time of the reopening of the school.

We use BrightArrow Technologies to communicate with parents about school closings/openings. BrightArrow Digital Voice Dialer is an automated notification service designed for emergency notifications, attendance calls, informational messages, and a variety of other school-related notifications. Please contact the school office to be added to the list.

You can contact our front office at (561)671-5795. Non-payment will delay the release.

Once a student has been accepted into our program, the School District of Palm Beach County may provide elementary students with programs for all eligible exceptional students including mentally handicapped, speech/language impaired, learning disabled, visually impaired, hearing impaired, physically impaired, emotionally handicapped, and gifted students.

Eligibility for these programs is determined through the county's extensive screening process.

Our program functions on a traditional school year calendar (August through July), therefore students must turn the appropriate age by September 1st of that school year in order to be assigned to that age group/grade. Students will remain in the same classroom with their peers and teachers through the end of July, at which they will promote to the next appropriate age group/grade.

We participate in the Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK) program through the Early Learning Coalition. Our VPK program runs through the school year (August-May), Monday-Friday from 9:00 am - 12:00 pm. A student is eligible for the VPK program if they are four years old by September 1st of that school year and reside in the state of Florida. See the Financial Sheet for costs if you are interested in wrap around care.

Once you have toured the school and decide to apply for enrollment, the Admissions Department will contact you to schedule a time for your child to take the admissions test. Once the test and all other required documents are reviewed (see School-age Admissions Checklist), the parent(s) will then meet with the principal, and a determination will be made for acceptance. You will be notified of the results. There is a non-refundable $50 testing fee that can be made by cash or check at the start of the test.

We currently participate in the Step Up (including Family Empowerment) and McKay scholarships programs for School-age students. Please refer to our Tuition and Financial link for more information and a link to their websites.

Because children tend to play in close proximity to one another, it is a natural part of childcare for children to pick up germs more frequently. Although teachers follow Palm Beach County Health Department guidelines for sanitizing and cleaning, common childhood illnesses can occur. Please read through our Parent Handbook regarding policies for illnesses and for when children may return to school after being ill.