Palm Beach Christian Academy is happy to announce that we are opening our newest private Christian preschool in Palm Beach County. Conveniently located at Family Church in the (Jupiter) Farms, we exist to form a partnership with parents to provide a strong spiritual foundation to children in a loving nurturing, Christ-centered environment of discovery and learning. Now, we are able to provide this opportunity for families who desire to send their child to the best private Christian daycare in Jupiter Farms!

Our Philosophy

Palm Beach Christian Academy shares a common philosophy based upon an understanding of the needs of children. Children learn best through exploration, play and discovery. As children pass through stages of development which occur in a predictable sequence, we believe it is our responsibility to recognize these stages and to plan experiences that will nurture and facilitate maximum growth. At our private Christian childcare in Jupiter Farms, we provide experiences that are designed to meet the needs of the total child, to promote intellectual social, emotional, physical, and spiritual growth.

Our Environment

Palm Beach Christian Academy offers an enriched learning environment with the developmentally appropriate curriculum at our private Christian preschool in Jupiter Farms for 2-year-olds, 3-year-old, and Pre-kindergarten (VPK). Our curriculum is a comprehensive curriculum utilizing multiple sources: ACSI, The Creative Curriculum, BJU Press, ABeka, Pearson, McGraw Hill, Zaner-Bloser, Apologia and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Our qualified staff provides a caring and nurturing atmosphere with two teachers in each classroom. The classroom teachers work together with parents to develop a unique network of support in understanding and meeting the distinctive needs of each child. Each classroom includes the following center: art, blocks, dramatic play, manipulatives, library, science and discovery. Also offered is Chapel, Music and Movement, Spanish, and Physical Education. Our facility has a developmentally appropriate playground so that children can grow and thrive at our private Christian daycare in Jupiter Farms.


Our Programs

Two-year Olds

The Two-year-olds who attend our private Christian childcare in Jupiter Farms are constantly in motion and use their natural curiosity for hands-on discovery. Two’s need a rich learning environment that develops their cognitive skills and expands their vocabulary, by this stage in their development, routines, and schedules become a big part of the child’s day which promotes stability and security.

Potty training is a familiar theme with parents of a 2-year-old. With this in mind, the PBCA staff will partner with the parents to help reinforce efforts being taken at home to potty train their child. Keeping in mind that one of the criteria to enter the 3-year-old program is to be 100% potty-trained.

The Creative Curriculum serves as the framework for conducting the PBCA 2-year-old program. Learning Environment Centers are introduced in the 2-year-old classroom and include: Bible time, circle time, dramatic play, art center, blocks, fine motor skills, music, and book/literacy area. Every child will participate in activities that are socially, physically, intellectually and psychologically age appropriate. Children learn by doing and through exploration and play. Our skilled teachers are adept at turning play time into learning activities. New items are periodically introduced to facilitate a better understanding of the classroom’s weekly focus.

Three-year Olds

Three-year-olds with the “Let Me Do It!” attitude need integrated, hands-on learning experiences. At PBCA, our private childcare in Jupiter Farms is focused on experimentation and exploration which build higher-level thinking, language, math, social and motor skills. The 3K teachers offer activities to creatively stimulate minds to the highest level possible by partnering with parents to provide a strong spiritual foundation in a loving, nurturing Christ-centered environment.

Our 3-K Preschool Program operates on a set schedule with instructional time beginning at 9:00 AM. Days are busy with circle time, centers, show-n-tell, Spanish & Music classes, etc. all before rest time which begins at 12:45. Supplemental planned activities, that are appropriate for this age, continue throughout the entire day at our private preschool in Jupiter Farms.

3K classrooms are set up to allow for individual exploration and learning. Learning environments such as Reading/Listening Corner, Science Centers, Dramatic/Home Center, Block, Sand Play, Small Manipulatives, and most children’s favorite, Art Area. New Items are periodically introduced to further their understanding of the coordinated weekly/ monthly theme.

Prekindergarten (VPK)

Pre-Kindergarten children need to investigate new interests and experiences. Through our VPK program in Jupiter Farms, our Pre-K’ers build a foundation for lifelong learning through play, exploration, trial, and error. They gain independence and self-confidence with their growing abilities while achieving readiness skills needed for kindergarten.

The Palm Beach Christian Academy takes pride in offering one of the best VPK programs in Palm Beach County.  Our student/teacher ratio within the classroom is 10:1. Our goal here at the PBCA is to partner with parents to provide a strong spiritual foundation to preschoolers in a loving, nurturing, Christ-centered environment of discovery and learning.

Pre-K instructional time begins at 9:00 AM. Phonics, reading readiness, math, and language etc. are vital elements of the day’s agenda. Our skilled teachers outline key activities to maximize areas of interests in order to enhance the learning capabilities of each child.  One of the objectives is to fine-tune skills needed to adapt to the Kindergarten setting. Some of which are: self-control, listening, following instructions and cooperation etc. PBCA offers this complete and comprehensive VPK program in Jupiter Farms to families located in the Farms.

Children engage individually as well as collectively in the highly rated, nationally recognized, A Beka phonics and beginner reader program. Learning environments such as:  Math & Manipulatives, Reading/Listening Corner, Science Centers, Dramatic, Block, Sand and Art Areas give each child a wide range of opportunities to choose from.  Focus on weekly themed lessons coordinated with letters of the alphabet and activities create a well-rounded atmosphere for learning.  A more academic focus with just the right balance of play offers children first-rate preparations for Kindergarten.

If you are looking for a quality private Christian preschool in Jupiter Farms, please contact us or call 561-671-5795.

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