Leadership & Faculty

Administrative Staff:

Palm Beach Christian Academy Teaching Staff meet or exceed the approved standards for education and experience set forth by the state of Florida and by Palm Beach County. Every faculty member is a dedicated Christian committed to the mission and philosophy of Palm Beach Christian Academy of Family Church.


Downtown Administration

Scott Crawford

Sandra Boyd
Office Administrator & Admissions Coordinator

Jennifer Backstrom
Administrative Early Childhood Director

Claudia Maxwell
Assistant Administrative Early Childhood Director & Behavior Management Coach

Pastor Steven Madonna
Director of Elementary & Spiritual Life

Gardens Administration

Kailey Lewer
Gardens Early Childhood Director

Farms Administration

Sheralyn Aker
Jupiter Farms Preschool Director

Teaching Staff:

Downtown Infant Room Teachers
128: Lisbet Martinez
130: Simone Da Silva & Natalie Singh *
132: Julia Willis & Gladys Montes

Downtown Toddler Room Teachers

127: Ferlicia “Ms. A” Anderson & Erica Vargas *
131: Jessenia Hernandez & Marilyn Martinez

Downtown Three Year Old Teachers

106: Marielys Pavon
108: Maria O’Carroll
107/109: Christina Cejmer & Lensey “Nikki” Vargas

Downtown VPK Teachers

110/112: Nicole Trotter & Christina Torres *
111: Katrina Young
115: Nelda Erwin

Downtown Floaters
Hannah Collins (Part-time)

Gardens Teachers
305-2’s: Kailey Lewer ***
307-3’s: Lorraine Limery
308-VPK: Janet Coffell *
309-VPK: Yolanda Nelson

Farms Teachers
3’s/VPK: Claudia Maxwell** & Sheralyn Aker***

Specials Teachers

PE: Coach Chris Kish
Art: Travanna LaFrance
Library/Media Specialist: Melissa Madonna
Music: Marissa Drum
Latin & PBCA Chaplain: Steven Madonna

Elementary Teachers

114-Kindergarten: Skye Matter
113-First Grade: Keyla Guardado
232-Second Grade: Ashley Holford *
234-Third Grade: Sandra Alexander
229-Fourth Grade: Kourtni Taylor
233-Fifth Grade: Lindsey Killian
Elementary Aide & Aftercare: Lacie Mann

Elementary Substitutes

Grace King

  • *(TL)=Team Leader
    • Asst. Director
      • Director

Palm Beach Christian Academy is aware of safety concerns a parent has when leaving their child in the care of others. We employ a security officer who is posted at our Academy during hours of operation. You will see officers checking rooms, playgrounds, and the rest of the facility on a frequent basis. Security and Maintenance staff from both PBCA and Family Church undergo a thorough background check and screening before employment.