The study of music at Palm Beach Christian Academy serves to enhance all areas of learning in school and in life.

Some of the benefits of music study at PBCA are as follows:

  • Improve attention, focus, listening, concentration, perseverance
  • Increase memory, retention, manipulation of information, application of concepts and solutions
  • Grow language development (writing, reading, proofreading, etc.)
  • Support mathematical processing
  • Increase neural activity in the brain
  • Improve behavior and participation

PBCA students are taught the following concepts throughout the school year:

  • Rhythmic patterns
  • Keeping the beat
  • Instrument families
  • Tonal patterns
  • Types of instruments
  • Values of notes/ read music
  • Treble and bass clef, staff, time signature, bar lines and measures
  • Skips over steps
  • Time signatures
  • Forte and piano, mezzo piano and mezzo forte
  • Tempo marks