Five Year Strategic Plan


 We Are

a Classical Christian school focused on educating, transforming, and equipping our next generation.


We’re Different

Classical. Christian. Accessible. Neighborhood.

Our rigorous and purpose-driven curriculum fosters curiosity in our children and helps them rediscover the “joy of learning” as they gain an understanding of life through a biblical worldview.

We aim to tie the church and school together by bringing an accessible education to every neighborhood church location.


  • 1901 - Founded as First Baptist Church of WPB
  • 1968 - Influential in the creation of Palm Beach Atlantic University
  • 1988 - Launched Palm Beach Christian Academy
  • 2010 - First Baptist Church becomes Family Church and launches our multi-site approach to share the gospel in South Florida
  • 2023 - Family Church commits to the vision for every neighborhood church to have a school in Palm Beach, Martin, and St. Lucie Counties

Strategic Themes & Targets


  • ACSI System Accreditation
  • Collaboration with National Classical Schools
  • Acceleration of learning, differentiation of instruction
  • Progress Monitoring approach to assessment
  • Build teacher capacity/attracting talent


  • Classical, Purpose Based Learning, and STEAM integration
  • Create a true Conservatory of Arts
  • Build the “Exploratorium”, a STEAM tinker lab
  • Foster experiential opportunities
  • Expand our extracurricular offerings


  • Invest in the foundation of early childhood education
  • Build state-of-the-art education centers
  • Deploy a collegiate prep program for high school students
  • Elevate the dining experience for our students and staff
  • Engage a fleet of transportation vehicles for K-12 students


  • Serve our community through our neighborhood model
  • Expanded resources with local, state, and federal funding
  • Build business and industry synergy through partnerships
  • Engage our alumni
  • Create philanthropic opportunities through our network