Tuition and Financial Aid


Tuition is due at the beginning of each month or may be paid in full for the entire year to receive a 10% discount. Tuition is paid by check directly to the school or can be paid online utilizing the link below. Our online payment platform accepts credit card and ACH payments. Please be aware that a convenience fee will be added to your online payment.

tuition and financial aid

Financial Aid/Scholarship Information


We participate in the Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK) program through the Early Learning Coalition. Our VPK program runs through the school year (August-May) Monday-Friday from 9:00 am-12:00 pm. A student is eligible for the VPK program if they are 4 years old by September 1st of that school year and reside in the state of Florida. See Financial Sheet for costs if you are interested in wrap around care. Please visit


PBCA accepts the McKay Scholarship for students in grades kindergarten and up with special needs. This scholarship amount varies by need and may cover part or all of the PBCA tuition. This scholarship is sponsored by Florida’s School Choice Programs and affords the opportunity for special needs students to attend participating private schools. In order to be eligible for the McKay Scholarship Program, a student must apply for the program prior to withdrawing from public school. The student must also have a 504 Accommodation Plan or an Individual Education Plan (IEP) along with several other eligibility requirements that can be found on the Florida School Choice website at . These scholarships are awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis (giving priority to renewal families), and space is limited. Please apply early.

Currently, PBCA serves McKay students that can be fully mainstreamed into their grade level classroom in the following areas: speech impaired, language impaired, specific learning disability, gifted, autism spectrum disorder, and developmentally delayed.


PBCA accepts the Step Up For Students and Family Empowerment Scholarships. Step Up For Students offers these state sponsored Tax Credit Scholarships to students so that they can attend private schools that may better suit their individual needs. Students in kindergarten and up may qualify for this tuition assistance based on their parents’ income.  Please visit their site for updated information and for application details. These scholarships are awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis (giving priority to renewal families), and space is limited. Please apply early. Guidelines for qualifications are given at .

*Additional school-based financial scholarships may be available to Step Up For Students and Family Empowerment recipients. Please contact the school for more details.


***COVID-19 update for parents who have been negatively affected by the pandemic***

Has your financial situation changed recently due to COVID-19?

Due to COVID-19, some income qualifications for state scholarships have changed.

What financial-needs scholarships are affected by these changes?

  • Family Empowerment Scholarship
  • Florida Tax Credit Scholarship (Step-Up for Students)
  • Priority Funding (for above scholarships based on lower income)

Besides income, what are some of the state’s other requirements for these scholarships?

  • The Family Empowerment Scholarship requires students to either be entering kindergarten or come from a public school in order to qualify.
  • The Florida Tax Credit Scholarship (Step Up for Students) does not have this requirement. Families must simply qualify financially.

How have the financial requirements changed for these scholarship due to COVID-19?

  • In past years, W2s have been used to determine financial eligibility over the previous calendar year. However, because of the recent COVID-19 situation, they are waiving this requirement and will be only looking at the last 30 days of income.

***Applicants may need paystubs from the last 30 days and/or any other sources of income (i.e., unemployment benefits, social security benefits, child support benefits, etc.). If your application is denied, Step Up recommends that you appeal the decision so that they can review your individual situation. Apply now and become a part of our family. We understand each situation is unique. Please visit the application; it is intuitive based on each applicant's answers. It will guide you. To learn more and apply:

(click here to see the financial chart)


For more information about PBCA’s participation in these programs, please email Sandra Boyd at or call 561-671-5795.

*Please note that services provided by PBCA and the school district are considered supportive in nature. PBCA does not currently provide additional support for students who would not otherwise be successful in the traditional/mainstream classroom.

*All school-age scholarship recipients: In order to allow for normal processing time, all Palm Beach Christian Academy registration forms, required paperwork, and state scholarship program prerequisites must be completed and submitted to admissions at least 30 days prior to the beginning of school.