Toddler Program

Downtown Campus

In their quest for independence, toddlers are developing many new skills: walking, talking, and discovering what they can do. Their sense of discovery needs to be encouraged while they develop language skills through investigative and meaningful learning experiences.

Our toddler teachers at the Palm Beach Christian Academy are qualified professionals. Toddler Rooms are some of the school’s most energetic classrooms. In a loving and nurturing Christ-centered environment, our teachers keep a close watch as they help each child grow and explore.

The Toddler Classroom’s emphasis is on a more unified classroom schedule. Toddler teachers know that toddlers require consistency on a day-to-day basis to feel comfortable, happy, safe, and secure. With that in mind, our Toddler Staff set age-appropriate classroom schedules, with the learning curriculum starting each morning at 9:00 AM. The toddler will follow set routines and will quickly acclimate to the daily schedule.

toddler program

The Creative Curriculum for Infants & Toddlers and High Reach Learning serves as the framework for planning and implementing a high-quality program. Based on a monthly theme, the PBCA Toddler Staff plans age-appropriate activities that allow hands-on experiences for toddlers. Some of the activities used in the classroom include story time, books, finger plays, art activities, music, and songs. Through both the Creative Curriculum and High Reach Learning, toddlers will learn about body awareness, self-concept, language skills, and reasoning skills, along with number, shape and color recognition and the world around them.

Basic Sign Language is offered as a second language for toddlers, which is taught to supplement and enhance verbal language skills.

Program Features

  • Low student to teacher ratio.
  • Caring and nurturing professional care in a Christ-centered environment.
  • Developmentally appropriate daily activities, playtime, and learning.
  • Focus on sensory exploration,developing language, and communication skills.
  • Regular communication between teachers and parents to keep parents informed about their child’s day.

Criteria to enter a Toddler Program

  1. Toddlers must be between 13 - 24 months old.
  2. All age appropriate immunizations must be current.