Physical Education

Physical activity and education help students grow in ways that teach them how to remain physically active for life, while providing them with the many skills necessary for success off of the field. Palm Beach Christian Academy supports these efforts by providing the following activities throughout the week:

  • Two recesses per day for school-age students- Physical activity has been proven to help students concentrate, learn, and retain information better. By allowing for activity breaks throughout the day, children are able to get their “wiggles” out and return to the classroom ready to learn.
  • Weekly Physical Education classes- Structured games and activities help children develop personal character as well as physical prowess. Some of the concepts learned in P.E. class are as follows:
    • Moral character development through leadership, cooperation, and responsibility
    • Fair play
    • Participation
    • Competition
    • Self-confidence
    • Goal-setting
    • Motor and self-management skills
    • Fun!
physical education