Our Distinctives

four essentials

Classical. Christian. Accessible. Neighborhood.

Classical – PBCA employs timeless pedagogy that combines truth, spiritual formation, and character development with an academically rigorous and purpose-driven curriculum.  The Classical model is designed to foster students to rediscover the “joy of learning” and to empower curiosity in every child.

Christian – PBCA strives to instill a Christ-centered foundation where students will learn to evaluate experiences through a biblical worldview.  We accomplish this through a caring Christian faculty, biblical integration in subject areas, campus chapel gatherings and morning assemblies.

Accessible – PBCA campuses are accessible for every learner and affordable for every family. We focus on a whole-child approach, academic support, and inclusivity.

Neighborhood – PBCA aims to tie the church, family and school together by bringing an accessible education to every neighborhood where there is a Family Church campus.