Field Trips

Studies have shown that exposing children to new experiences and environments increase their brain function and intelligence. School-age students at Palm Beach Christian Academy are provided with numerous field trips throughout the school year that expand these experiences. Some field trips are conducted off campus, while some vendors visit us on our campus.

Here at PBCA, we have a unique opportunity to be located walking distance to the Norton Art Museum. Not only are we able to arrange for children to interact in pre-planned tours and activities, but we are also able to walk older children to the museum during Art Class to participate in informal tours and Art instruction. Students are able to use this beautiful environment to explore different activities with their Art teacher, all right there on the museum’s property!

field trips

Student field trips for the 2018-2019 school year:

In-school Field Trips:

  • Zoomobile (K-1)
  • Uptown Art (K-1)
  • Resource Depot (K-1)
  • STEM for Valentine's Day (2-5)
  • High Touch, High Tech (K-5)
  • STEM with Dr. Suess (K-5)
  • STEM and the Egg Drop (K-5)

Off-campus Field Trips:

  • Bedner’s Farm (K-1)
  • Loxahatchee River Center (K-1)
  • Manatee Lagoon (K-1)
  • "Go, Dog, Go" at the Fern Street Theater (K-1)
  • Lion Country Safari (2-5)
  • Boomers (2-5)
  • Sea World (2-5)
  • Norton Art Museum (K-5)