Are You Ready to Homeschool?

  1. Are you organized?

 You need to be organized to homeschool efficiently and make time to develop detailed lesson plans.

  1. Are you messy when it comes to filing papers?

 You need to be able to keep your child’s work ready for their yearly portfolio review.

  1. Do you find time to clean and organize your workspace?

 Children thrive when they are in an environment that encourages neat work. It is beneficial when there is a designated spot in your home where learning will take place.

  1. Are you fond of scheduling family activities and other important events?

It is your role to make plans for field trips, play groups, educational trips, etc. Part of a well-rounded education plan includes social activities and this will prepare your child for understanding social queues and etiquette.

  1. Do you constantly arrange and rearrange everything?

 While being organized helps, being too nitpicky can be counter-productive. Having children in the house doing school will result in extra clutter.

  1. Are you willing to give up a spotless house?

If not, then you may want to designate a room specifically for your homeschool lessons. You won’t have to deal with more housework after class is dismissed.

  1. Do you get a lot of rest?

 If you’re fond of staying up late and sleeping in, you may want to reconsider your daily habits. Teaching your own kids can be a great experience for you and your children. Being cranky and bad-tempered will take the fun out of home schooling for your kids. Remember, in home schooling, your kids will see you as their mom first, a teacher second. They need support and guidance from you as a mother first.

  1. Do you want to play an active role in your child’s education?

Being a homeschool mom is one of the most rewarding decisions. You are not only able to participate in your child’s education, but you are also able to spend time understanding how your child learns and this knowledge helps in learning an appropriate parenting style as well as how to best communicate with your child.