Benefits and Challenges of Homeschooling

Common Reasons People Homeschool:

  1. Free schedule
  2. Concerned about over-crowded classrooms
  3. You want your child to have personalized attention with their education
  4. You want more control in their education plan.


  1. You will have flexibility with your weekly schedule for school and home life.
  2. You will have more time with your children to build a stronger relationship.
  3. You will have control on what your children are learning and demonstrate that learning is exciting.
  4. You can ensure that what they’re learning adheres to your personal values and beliefs.
  5. You can tailor-make your child’s education plan to fit his/her learning style and based on his/her strengths/weaknesses.
  6. You can nurture your child’s gifts so they may thrive in their strengths.
  7. You are able to better protect your child from any negative influences.
  8. You can take vacations during the school year and make them educational.


  1. You spend 24 hours a day with your child without a break.
  2. You may have to justify why you’ve chosen to homeschool to others including family.
  3. You have to show a lot of patience when teaching your child.
  4. Trying to schedule your day can be a challenge.
  5. You must be organized so you can provide an efficient environment for your child.
  6. Encourage your children even when you don't feel like it.
  7. Finding the right curriculum can be overwhelming.
  8. You must put forth the effort to spend quality time with your child in the midst of teaching.