Tuition Informatioin

Tuition is based on:   Yearly Fees
Preschool Year:  August – July   (12 months)
Kindergarten Year: August – May   (10 months

Payment Options

  1. Pay in full, by the first day of school in August and receive a 10% discount.
  2. Pay 12 (twelve) equal monthly payments for Preschool
  3. Pay 10 (ten) equal monthly payments for Kindergarten

•Paid monthly, based on yearly fees, regardless of absences or holidays.

Pay Tuition On-Line

Credit card payments are accepted online, only. You may do so by clicking on the link to the right.

Credit card payments are accepted online, only. A 1.5% convenience fee is added to payment.

Drop-off/Mail Payment:

Check, cash, money order, or bank draft (see Contact Us for address)
•To be received in the office by the 1st business day of month to avoid late penalties.

Tuition Due:
1st Business Day of the Month.

Penalty Fee:
Applied the 6th Business Day of the month

Registration Fee:

Resource/ Service Fee:
Non-Refundable after July 1st for School Year
Resource Fees include but are not limited to the following items:

  • initial & replacement supplies for school start up, supplemental activities.
  • Plus; snacks, classroom toys, art/craft/writing/paper supplies.
  • For health and safety;
  • shoe covers, baby wipes, latex gloves, Band-Aids, tissues,
  • paper towels, cleaning/disinfecting/laundry supplies.

Sibling Discount:
A 10% discount is applied to the older sibling’s tuition payment

Please Note: Only one discount will be given per child (i.e. if you choose to prepay for more than one student’s annual tuition you will receive either the prepaid discount or the multiple student discount)