Four Essentials

Palm Beach Christian Academy has built its foundation on four principles. Our goals are to help children develop a strong Christian foundation, promote academic excellence, provide a safe and loving environment, and ensure that our caring teachers are accessible to our families.

Strong Christian foundation

  • Family Church leadership, oversight and support
  • Biblical integration at all levels and in all subjects
  • Weekly Chapel services
  • Character Trait of the Month
four essentials

Academic excellence

  • Progressive STEM curriculum provided to all children, from infants through elementary
  • Outreach opportunities planned continuously to teach children the joy of giving back to others
  • Over 75% of elementary students test above grade level in standardized testing
  • Purposeful scaffolding of instruction throughout the years
  • Educational decisions made based on the strengths and interests of each child
  • Academics supported by strong supplemental activities: fine arts (Music, Art, Library, Spanish, Physical Education), field trips, programs, and festivals

Safe and loving environment

  • Full-time security guard and smart-lock security system
  • Biblical principles taught to foster healthy and positive peer friendships
  • Parents and parent-volunteers are welcome at all times
  • LED lighting installed school-wide

Teachers who care and are accessible

  • Team approach to education where relationships flourish
  • Decisions are made based on spiritual, emotional, and academic needs of each child
  • Easily accessible teachers who care about each child’s individual need